The Bobcat…….My White Whale

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI work in a small industrial park, that is close to a small wetlands area that is surrounded by alot of small brush and ringed by trees.  One of the things I tend to do alot to unwind is go to the end of the road and try to photograph birds and bugs before going home.

Imagine my surprise when I was playing with my camera and caught some movement out of the corner of my eye.  after I few moments I looked up and saw this beautiful Bobcat on the side of the road.  Unfortunately he was just a little to far out of range to get a really really decent pic of it.

I have been shooting at the end of the road for a couple of years now and tho I had heard of sightings of this cat and I have found tracks and scat back further in the brush on the edges of the small meadow.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe only picture I could find of the area at the end of the road where I go.  Just to give you an idea of what the area looks like, well looked like.  They have added a building just behind where the pine tree is.

Ok enough of my boring back story, I have decided to get better pictures of Connecticut’s only carnivorous feline (well there have been reports of Canadian Lynx  in the Northwest Corner and we all know about the Cougar that got hit by a car a few years ago….. shhhhh they dont want you to know there may be more lol).

I started scouring the internet for more information on this elusive feline.

My first stop was at Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection website, where I found a basic fact sheet on the Bobcat.  I also was able to find out when the hunting seasons are, there hasnt been one in Connecticut for the Bobcat since the 70s, but that doesnt mean I shouldnt be careful for other hunters shooting other things.  I then found a few other sites online that basically had the same information.

Connecticut Wildlife (they do have a cool sound clip of a Bobcat)


National Geographic

Defenders of Wildlife

Animal Diversity Web

Very informative and very boring……

They all said the same thing about Bobcats.

They are about twice the size of a house cat, active after dawn and before dusk, mating season usually starts in Febuary, and the kittens (2 to 4 of them) will stay with mom till around a year old.  The female will tend to be more active during the day because of the kittens.  They eat rabbits, mice, birds and the occasional house cat or small dog.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are ALOT of rabbits in the area around the shop and chipmunks.  I have scared up rabbits and turkeys in the area I saw the Bobcat also, so I know they are getting enuff to eat there.

I have been over the last month or so watching a particular patch of this area, the snow and mud have been a great help in tracking its movements and I have found a pathway it uses quite a bit and will be placing my trail cam sometime this week before the next snow storm hits us here in CT.  I figure if I leave my trail in this spot for a week or so, I will be able to hopefully get an idea of when it travels thru.  It does seem to use this path ALOT.

I found a couple of really cool sites I want to  share with you………..

Bobcat Tracks and Signs

A fantastic site if your into tracking, Kim Cabrera has been online since 1997 sharing his tracking expertise, he has sketches and pics and stories to tell that are great.  You can also learn how to cast a track and start looking and following tracks.

Galen Leeds Photography

Really good nature photographer on the West Coast click on the link and you will get to see some of his Bobcat shots while Kayaking.  Hmmmm maybe I need one those next…….

Nature Photography Adventures Blog

The blog of a group of nature photographers who travel the world doing workshops, but they still post some beautiful pics.

Jim Coda’s Blog

Another West Coast photographer with some great Bobcat shots.

Faces of Nature Photography

A fellow Connecticut Photographer with some fantastic pics, it isnt a blog but he does post pretty regularly, definitely recommend checking his site out.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is amazing what I have seen in this spot, countless songbirds, Hawks, Kestrels, Bald Eagles, butterflies, spiders, even ducks walking down the street.

Ouch, I just looked at the score of the Superbowl…… hopefully not to many of you bet on the Broncos, and my friends who did………. I am sorry.

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