Doro – The Legendary Dobbs, Philadelphia PA – March 3rd 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis week I did something new and something old.

I went to a concert…..

Doro Pesch…..

I drove three and half hours to see her……

Nothing new, I go to concerts all the time, I have driven further to see concerts before, I have even seen Doro in concert before.

What is new is that I wrote a review and shot pics for a website other then mine!!!!

My review and some pics from the show can be found at Northeast Metal Media, shoot here is the link to go check them out!!!

Northeast Metal Media

So I am not going to go into a detailed review of the show here, what I am going to do is talk a little bit about the show and a little bit about the venue.

On South St in Philadelphia is a club called The Legendary Dobbs, according to their website and Facebook they have been around for around 40 years…

View from the back of Dobbs

Not quite as long as I have been around lol

Its a nice bar.  Actually was very surprised Doro was playing in a place this small, especially after seeing her at The Gramercy Theater in NYC in October and the size of the crowd there.  For those of you reading this that are in Connecticut and have been to the Webster Theater, I swear its smaller then the Underground there…..

I kid you not.

Another thing that really caught my attention was the size of the stage she would be performing on.  It is actually smaller then the one at the Underground, lucky if they have 10 feet from side to side.  It made shooting any other band members almost impossible.  For that I do apologize, next time she is in the U.S. I will do better.

About middle of the Dobbs road

OK, I just want to make it clear I am not bashing Dobbs,  It is a nice place and some of the nicest people I have spoken with at a venue.  Shoot even spoke with the owner.

We showed up at 5 and the doors didnt open till 7, but thought I would check in with them anyways and maybe get an idea about what would be a good place to eat around there.

Never did get to eat around there.  We found out about a casino about 15 miles away and decided to kill time there instead.

Bad idea…..

Not only did I lose 100 bux there, but because of the freezing rain and sleet we didnt get back to Dobbs  till about 9:30.  If you live in that neck of the woods it is a great place to see a band really up close and personal, and they have a lot of good shows coming up.

The Legendary Dobbs

Around 11:30 Doro came onstage to a very excited crowd.  Unfortunately a few drunks made their presence known and with their pushing and shoving made shooting from where I was just a tad bit difficult, it is no fun shooting a popular show with no photo pit.

The Dobbs Show Setlist

Doro is known the world over as The Queen of Metal….

And for good reason, she came out to “Touch of Evil” and didnt slow down at all.

She was all over that small stage, belting out a great mix of old Warlock tunes and new and old material of hers.

The whole time with a Huge smile on her face.


There is just something about seeing a performer on stage with a smile and moving all over the stage and interacting with the crowd, even if it is just a small fist bump, that really impresses me.  I know its the simple things right?

Not only that but ticket prices were fair, 20 bux to get in and 65 for a ticket with a meet n greet.  65 bux!  Good luck finding any that are this inexpensive.

Ok I am not going to rehash my review over on Northwest Metal Media…..

Here is the link to my review, is it called a shameless self promotion plug if I am mentioning it on my blog and sending you to another blog???? LOL

Doro at The Legendary Dobbs Philadelphia PA March 3rd 2015 at Northeast Metal Media

There you will find some of my pics of the show and my review of the show.

Doro is touring thru the US of A for another 2 weeks and then heading back to Europe for more dates there.  If you miss her its your own damn fault, but….. she is going to be releasing a new live CD/DVD very soon and is also working on material for a new album!



For more on Doro check out these links…..

Doro Official Website

Doro on Facebook

Doro on Twitter


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