A New Year, A New Resolution, A New Start and Somethings Will Never Change.


I cant believe I haven’t posted here in so very long.

My last post was back in March of 2015, damn that Doro show was well worth the drive.

Not alot has changed since then.  I am still shooting concerts, more now then I was then and my concert photography has definitely improved.  The dogs have taken over our house and I am sleeping better at night now because of that. Amazing how much peace of mind they have brought.

Well it is now 2017.

This year, I have made a New Years Resolution.

in January of 2015, I made a decision to not make a resolution, but an evolution.

An evolution of both my photography and my website and of course my blog.

My photography did evolve, I have slowed down over the last year or so with doing nature and trying to get decent wildlife shots, well of things other then birds at feeders or animals at the various zoo’s I end up visiting.  Those things I loved to shoot ended up on the back burner while I started paying more attention to my concert photography.  As a result, my blog and website suffered, ok it was abandoned.

I started shooting and writing for an online outlet, Northeast Rock Review, and boy has that kept me busy and all over the place.  Go check the site and you will see what I mean, or check out my photography facebook page and you will really see what I mean.

My resolution for 2017 is to step out of my comfort zone with my photography, both with what I shoot and how I shoot and business wise.

I started doing a 52 week photo challenge project, that was put together by Dogwood Photography.  To help me get out that whats the next concert mind frame and start shooting other things more.  The first weeks challenge is a self portrait.  It wasnt easy, there are alot of talented and creative people involved.  Here is what I came up with.  I think it shows a bit of who I am.

My “Selfie”


If you are interested in doing this here is the website


and on Facebook


The big change is that I have decided I am going to jump back into Portrait Photography this year.  I did it a quite a few years ago, back in the days of film.  I kinda miss it but I hated dealing with the people, unfortunately, if I want new lenses and camera bodies I have to bite the bullet and start once again.  So if your looking for some family pics or something give me a holler LOL.

As for music, well the first concert of the year is coming up and it is one of my favorite bands, Blue Oyster Cult and they are going to be at one of my favorite places to see a show, The Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun Casino.  Thats just the beginning for this year.  I have a few stories I will share soon about destination festivals.

Sometime this week I will post a gallery with some of my concert shots from 2016, be forewarned I am on a Black n White kick lol.

Welp gonna stop rambling about all of this for now and think about a landscape photo I have to shoot for the next challenge while listening to Blue Oyster Cult.

And leave you with my other option for the self portrait……

Oh yea, check out the changes in the website, I have changed it quite a bit, alot easier to navigate and even a store….









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