Time For An Old Dog To Learn Some New Tricks or What To Do When You No Longer Have A Day Job

For the last 14 years,
I have been working for one of Connecticut’s largest Home Services Contractors. Last Friday they decided it was time to eliminate my position.

It’s not a bad thing, for those that don’t know much about Connecticut, it has been going downhill for the last couple of years, the economy sucks big time.

It was coming….
It was not totally unexpected….
It may be the best thing that has happened to me.

I am sure there are one or two, maybe three (but I am sure that is pushing it big time) who do follow or at least read what I post on here from time to time. Who may have noticed that I have been just a tad bit negligent of the blog and website over the last year or so.

When your working 50 to 60 hours a week and then doing the Concert Photography thing nights and weekends, and trying to be a parent, there are things that do get put on the back burner. Among them this blog and and alot of my outdoor and nature shooting.

Welp guess what….

I am back, I have the time and a few ideas I do plan on sharing.
Especially now that I have time to hit the woods or at least start planning to hit the woods or other things. So I hit Barnes and Noble yesterday…

Looking for a book or two to help inspire what I will be looking for over the next couple of weeks.  This coupled with my copy of “The Waterfalls of Connecticut” and “The Connecticut Walk Book” will make for some interesting spots to visit.

Hopefully some interesting pictures will be taken to.

I haven’t done portrait photography in a very long time, and I have a studio set up sitting in their cases in my living room, just waiting to get put to work.

I need to do some research into pricing and places to go and do this, the big thing these days is to do your portraits outside, not the traditional sitting in front of a backdrop in a studio.

I think I have this.

I know I can do it.

And today I went into the woods, checking out a waterfall i haven’t been to in a year.

Unfortunately others have, and have left their crap all over the place, but it did make for some interesting shooting lol


It felt good to be back out in the woods again.

OK enough rambling for now, bottom line is…..

I am FANTASTIC and everything is gonna work out.

Keep an eye on here and on the website, I will be posting more images for sale and also posting some prices for sittings.  It will be fun!



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