Run…… Very Fast, Very Very Fast and Don’t Look Back!

A view of Little Grassy Lake “borrowed” from Google

I was a wee little one when I started reading books and watching television shows about this thing called Bigfoot or Sasquatch. My imagination ran wild while playing out in the woods around my many childhood homes, most them with some sort of woods nearby.

I also was keeping an eye to the sky…..
ya know…
Flying Saucers.

Yes, I was not normal…. and no it hasn’t improved

Never in my wildest dreams, or maybe nightmares? 

Did I think this would ever happen to me.

Back when I was a bit younger……

Ok Ok Ok

when I was ALOT younger, back in I think the summer of 85, nope, I take that back, it was the summer of 84. I worked as a lifeguard at a Boy Scout Summer Camp in Southern Illinois.

This camp is situated on a lake in the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Reserve and also the Shawnee National Forest. Called The Little Grassy Lake. I think, will have to double check that. Yepperz, I was right. It is smack dab in the middle of it lol.

Ok before I get to far ahead of myself here, which I think I already have. Lets give you a bit of background on what is known in those parts as the Big Muddy Monster.

Back in the early 1970s, something paid Murphysboro (a short hop, skip and jump away from Little Grassy)a visit. It was large, it was hairy and it stank. It left big foot prints and scared the hell out of alot of people and hung out in the bottoms of the Big Muddy River. It also inspired alot of people to start looking locally for what had become popular on the West Coast and Pacific Northwest, Bigfoot.

I do believe Loren Coleman (one of the best known Cryptozoologists around, you can learn more about at this link ) was going to school not to far away at a place called Southern Illinois University at Carbondale around then.

Below is a link to the Big Muddy Monster Case File, copies of the actual police reports and letters from the people involved.

Alright, I will get to my story now.

As I was saying earlier, I was working at a summer camp at Little Grassy Lake along with a bunch of other young mean My age. Being rambunctious teens in a world before the internet, in between sessions (that few days between summer camp sessions) we would do things like visit one of the other camps around the camp, like the Girl Scout camp next to our camp or the state run campground across the lake, or one of the many church summer camp areas on different parts of the lake.

Alot of the time during the night.

I had gone off to do some exploring at the camp next to ours while a bunch of others had headed out on the lake in canoes. It was a full moon and a clear night, unbelievably bright.

I had gotten just a tad bit disoriented at one point and got off the trail I had been on, but knew if I headed to the waterfront and started following it, I would get back to where I needed to be. So as I was walking along the lake edge, I heard something in the water.

Knowing that some of my compadres had gone out in canoes that night, I was ecstatic, I could catch a ride and not have to walk all the way back to the camp.

As I looked out into the water, I didnt see a canoe.

I saw about 15 or 20 feet out something standing in the water, seemingly looking at me. I stood there with my brain going, “What The Fuck??? Wheres the canoe?”

As my brain was processing the sight of shoulders and a head standing in the water, it lifted its arms up and started coming towards the shore, towards me.

It was at this point I didnt want to really be there when it got to where I was, and I took off. Like a bat out of hell. I was gone.

Before the morning comes, I was gone.

As I heard this thing coming thru the water, I started moving faster, luckily by this point I was on a open trail lit by the moon and in the general direction of camp. So I kept going.

I got back to the campsite where everyone already was and the campfire just about out. I woke up a few of the others but was quickly told to screw off. I throw more wood unto the fire and grabbed a chair at the fire.

I sat there for the rest of the night, listening to something walk around the campsite for an hour just outside of the light. by this time, the moonlight had started to wane, not sure if it was clouds or setting, or hell my own fear making it darker.

That is my Big Muddy Monster or Bigfoot story from many years ago.

As a footnote, a couple of weeks later, something was seen running from the campsite and towards the lake one evening by a couple of the other guys there. So I felt a bit validated after they said this. Years later, while looking reports on the BFRO website ( ) I also did find some reports of the big guy in the area when I had my experience.

I know it isnt that special or spectacular, or even written all that well but its my story LOL.

One of these days, I will get back down there and get some pics to add to this blog post.

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