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 It has been almost two weeks now since I launched the redesign. 

I have been a bit slow in uploading images to the galleries.  Basically, what I am doing is going thru all the images and once again re editing them before I post them here.
I did do a thing......

I went over to www.fiverr.com

 I showed them the old logo I had been using and then a pic of me and asked them to make it look more like me and not the generic person I was using. 
I think it came out pretty good lol.
Tee Shirts are now available.
at this link!!

Frank Piercy Photography T-Shirts Are HERE!!!

<![CDATA[And Just Like That..... Something Old Is Now New!]]>Wed, 17 Feb 2021 00:20:11 GMThttp://frankpiercy.com/blog/and-just-like-that-something-old-is-now-newPicture
Over the last few months........
There have been a few changes....
I now have my own studio, or as it is more commonly referred to by people who know me, The Frank Cave.  I kinda like that name, but I have to stick with something simple and easy to remember.
Frank Piercy Photography.

Right now it is open only by appointment, so please drop a line if there is something I can help with!


Watch here for lil tidbits of what, where, when, I will be doing or have done.
Welcome Aboard!!